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Hire Rates 2023

How much will it cost?

The Royalla Common facilities are available for hire at affordable hire rates.
Download our list of hire rates below.



Helpful Information

How long can I hire the facilities for?

The facilities are available for hire over a range of time slots.


Third of a day time slots:


  • Morning: generally from 12am to 12pm, pending relevant approvals at booking

  • Afternoon: generally from 12pm to 5pm, pending relevant approvals at booking

  • Evening: generally from 5pm to 12pm, pending relevant approvals at booking


Full day generally indicates exclusive access to the hired facility for the whole day.

Are there any types of events that cannot be help at the Royalla Common?

We do try to accommodate for as many event types as possible, so please contact us if you are unsure. We will not accept bookings for 18th or 21st birthday party celebrations or formal parties to any non-residents. Residents approved for 18th or 21st birthday celebrations will need to adhere to strict conditions as stipulated and agreed to at booking. Generally these include no social media posting and a security plan.

Can I hire the whole of the Royalla Common Grounds?

Please contact us if you'd like to hire the whole of the Royalla Common Grounds.

Can I make Regular or Frequent Bookings?

If you have a recurring event you'd like to hire any Royalla Common Facilities for, please contact us.

I am a Royalla resident, can I organise an event?

We're very happy for Royalla residents to organise events however, please note conditions apply and venue hire rates are charged at the Commercial/ Group Rate.

Do I have to meet any Conditions of Hire?

As with any community facility there are conditions that must be met before hire approval can be issued.


We'll shortly have a Condition of Hire document available for download. In the meantime if you've any questions feel free to contact us.


Are there limits on how noisy an event can be?

It should always be in your best interest to show consideration for your neighbours in respect of noise levels. We would like all hirers to enjoy their event, keeping in mind the Residential Noise Restrictions set out by the NSW government.

Conditions of Hire

All the Details

As this is a community hall we are governed by the regulations as stipulated by council. Please read the terms of hire before placing a booking.

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