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Conditions of Hire


Parking is available for cars or buses in the gravel car park.  
There is no parking on grass areas without approval.

VENUE SET UP        

If you have booked the Royalla Elm Grove, Hall and /or another part of the Common for your wedding or function, the site may be available for you to set up at any time that day or the day before. Please discuss your access time and requirements with the Event Manager.


Please be aware there is an unfenced dam on our rural site.  Parents/Carers must take responsibility for the supervision of all children.


The Royalla Common s355 Committee takes no responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever of items brought to the Common or any personal injury occurring while attending an event at the Common.

The hirer also agrees to accept full and complete responsibility for:-

  • any loss or damage to any personal property.

  • property on hire or loan that is in the facility prior to, during and after the time of the hire, which is in     the facility in connection with or as a result of its hire by the hirer.

  • complying with any Rural Fire Service obligations including but not limited to any restrictions imposed by a Total Fire Ban

  • •    the removal of all rubbish generated by the event and placing in the bins.

  • any damage to facilities at the Common.

  • not attaching decorations to the ceiling or walls.

  • hirers who are selling alcohol must obtain a license to do so.

  • providing a copy of your license to the Events Manager for our file.

  • sweeping/vacuuming the facility and cleaning up any spillage with appropriate cleaning products for organic waste water systems.

  • leaving the kitchen and toilets in a clean and sanitary condition.

  • cleaning the tables, chairs and surfaces used during the time of hire.

  • stacking furniture against the walls or in the storage area.

  • paying for or replacing any fixtures of fittings or equipment damaged during the time of the hire.

  • turning off lights and securing all windows and doors before vacating the facility at the end of the period of hire.

  • keeping the noise levels below what could be called “offensive noise”, which relates to level, nature, quality or time it is made, or interfering unreasonably with those outside the facility.

  • all hirers, with the exception of casual hirers, are to have a current Public Liability Policy for no less than $20,000,000. A copy of the policy must be provided to the Venue Manager, prior to the hire, for retention on file.

  • Community Organisations, Commercial/Business Organisations or groups must provide a Statement of Currency of their Public Liability Policy to $20,000.000 for our file. Before the event starts.

  • To observe the “No Smoking “policy that applies to all council owned facilities.

  • . No high-risk activities (fireworks displays, jumping castle or jumping mats, events requiring traffic management, show events, music or festival events) will be undertaken as part of this hire unless specific Council approval has been provided.



  • Erection NOT before the Friday and must be removed from site by noon Monday, if longer then addition $150 per day will be charged.

  • The use of hard floors will have an extra $100 to hire fee.

  • Any damage to subsurface irrigation system will be deducted from Bond.


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